NADFAS encourages its member Societies to provide Young Arts opportunities through Young Arts Projects, an arts-related activity for young people (usually a one-off) funded wholly or partly by a NADFAS Society.

We do not have a Young Arts Representative at the moment.  We do, however, raise money each year from our Christmas Draw which goes to Young Arts. 

At the moment, we are working in conjunction with Corinium DFAS, our sister society, with their projects on a 50/50 funding basis. The projects include embroidering a quilt celebrating the 900th anniversary of the founding of the Abbey of St Mary in Cirencester (involving 15 local schools) and mosaic panels for the Abbey Playground. We are also funding on a similar basis a prize at Cirencester 6th Form College. A committee member, David Miller, attended the presentation of these awards on behalf of the two societies at the 25th annual awards ceremony on 8 April 2017. The prizewinners were Dominic Kavangh for the Cirencester DFAS prize and Kenanza Bloomfield for the Corinium DFAS prize.

In addition, at Minchinhampton School, near Stroud, the children’s author John Dougherty will write the first and last chapters of a book which the children will complete and illustrate.  It is intended that every child in the school will be able to contribute something.

 We hope to have our own Young Arts Representative again in the future.